The Vibro Prince is a near perfect replica of a 1967 Princeton Reverb modeled after my daughter's original 67 PR. The late Blackface and very early drip edge Silverface Princeton Reverbs were my favorite of the Princeton models. They seem to have a ballsier sound than the earlier versions. The speaker choices were also better including my favorite; the Jensen C10N. The Vibro Prince is equipped with: voltage correct Mercury Magnetics and Magnetic Components transformers, proprietary Weber/Magic C10N, Sozo Blue Molded capacitors, Sprague Atom electrolytic capacitors, CE Dist multi-section cap can, Allen Bradley Carbon Composition resistors (used where it counts), correct color-coded cloth covered wire, proprietary replica chassis, period correct reverb cables that look and sound exactly like the originals, full sized reverb pan.

Added feature: through the chassis bias adjustment. The Vibro Prince is just like plugging into a brand new 60s Princeton Reverb.

NOS Fender courtesy outlet available for a limited time.

Vibro Prince
Vibro Prince
Vibro Prince rear


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  • $1999 in 1x10 combo, or 1x12 at no extra charge. Includes Fender vintage reissue dual-footswitch.

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