The Z started with the sound of Led Zeppelin I (LZI)�

I love Zeppelin's first album and the tones Jimmy Page pulled out of his old Supro amps. That woody organic tone definitely had an impact on the incredible sound of Zep l. Z combos represent what I like best about Page's sound and a whole lot more. All Z combos have two channels including a beautiful tremolo channel. The tremolo is switch-able from the front panel or via footswitch.

The Zl Version 2 is based on two early Supro amps with a few slight modifications to the original circuits. Running a pair of 6973 power tubes at around 17 watts the Zl captures the essence of those early Supro amps. Excellent feel combined with a very unique tone when pushed into overdrive. The clean tone is surprisingly strong for a 17 watt cathode bias amp. The ZI is a great little classic rock riffin' machine and a great all-around amp for many styles and playing situations.

The Zl Version 2 is equipped with three 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 6973 power tubes and one NOS 5Y3 rectifier tube.

The Zl Version 2 is built with the very best parts available: Celestion G12H 30 for a great all-around rock sound, Celestion Heritage G12H 75Hz (additional $100) and Jensen C12Q or Eminence Screaming Eagle for a an authentic Supro sound, Mercury Magnetics voltage correct transformers, Watts Tube Audio double turret circuit boards, Sozo Mustard capacitors, vintage style cloth covered wire, F&T, Sprague and Mallory electorlytic capacitors. Xicon 1 watt carbon film resistors.


  • ZI Dazed
  • Z1 Zep Medeley
  • ZI recorded by Leon Chalnick


  • All Z models - discontinued

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